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The Talking Bear

The Talking Bear Historical landmark in Oakhurst, California is a talking bear that was created by artist George Stanley. The bear was moved to its current location in Oakhurst. The Talking Bear is a popular tourist destination and is open from 10 am to 5 pm from March through November.

0.06 miles away

Visit Yosemite | Madera County

Just a few hours north of San Francisco, Yosemite is home to some of the most iconic scenery in America. From towering cliffs and river canyons to rushing waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, there's something for everyone to see. But if you're looking for a little bit more than just a glimpse of nature, Oakhurst is the place for you. Nestled among towering oaks and sycamores, Oakhurst is a charming small town with plenty of historic attractions. From Victorian homes to churches and schools, Oakhurst has something for everyone.

Whether you're looking to hike a few miles in the park or take a long journey through Oakhurst's charming streets, Yosemite National Park and Madera County are sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind and soul.

0.08 miles away

The Little Church on the Hill

The Little Church on the Hill is a historical landmark in Oakhurst, California. The church was built in 1875 and is the oldest building in Oakhurst. The church is a small, wooden structure with a steeple. The church is located on Hill Street near the intersection of Oakhurst Avenue. The building is used as a museum and the grounds are open to the public.

0.16 miles away

Fallen Monarch

The Monarch oak is a deciduous tree that can grow to heights of more than 120 feet. It typically has a broad, flat crown with spreading limbs and can live for up to 250 years. The Monarch oak is one of the most popular trees in the United States, with its hardwoods being used for furniture, flooring, and other wood products.

Since the death of the Monarch oak, residents have been working to restore the tree and replant it in its original location. In addition to replanting the oak, residents have also been working to restore historical landmarks and buildings in Oakhurst that were damaged by the earthquake.

11.88 miles away

Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza

If you're looking for a hiking trail in California, Mariposa Grove is a great place to start. The loop offers scenic views of the Merced River and the Sierra Nevada mountains. You can also find a variety of animals, such as deer, turkeys, and bears, on the trail.

If you want to venture out onto other trails in the park, be sure to check out the map at the visitor center. There are dozens of trails that lead all over the park, each with its own unique view and personality. If you're feeling ambitious, try one of the more challenging trails like the Mist Trail or Round Trip.

But even if you only want to take a short walk around the Welcome Plaza, it's worth it. The plaza is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has a beautiful waterfall at its center. It's an excellent place to relax after a long hike and take in beautiful surroundings.

12.00 miles away

California Tunnel Tree

There is a tunnel tree tourist attraction in California that visitors can explore. The attraction is located near the town of Murphys in the San Diego County area. The tree is actually a natural tunnel that was created by a giant sequoia tree. The tunnel is about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. It's estimated that the tree was created over 500 years ago.

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